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I almost cried, which would have been very embarassing since I was in public when I played this. I'm very sad now though D:

I don't think I've ever played a jam gam that touched me so much emotionally.  Got me crying in public at GDC when I played it.  Thank you for such a nice little experience 

I was not expecting to cry when i started playing this

I love that dog so much even thought I only knew him for a minute


Man, this was so lovely. It brought me massive amounts of tears but it's so simple and beautifully observed. Congrats and thank you.

Our dog Tootsie just turned 15 years old. She's still doing ok, but age is starting to take its toll. Her hearing and vision aren't what they used to be, and sometimes she gets confused. Thank you for making this. I'm not looking forward to losing her, but I am looking forward to making the best memories for as long as she's with us.